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Sand Dollar Top Mount Filter
So clean. So clear. So easy.
Sand Dollar® Top Mount Filters are the perfect high performance sand filters. It's incredibly simple to operate and maintain, and it's built with long-term reliability in mind. Plus, its highly efficient design provides all the clean, crystal clear water your pool requires, year after year.

Now Available with ClearPro Technology® for 60% Cleaner Water

Sand Dollar® Top Mount Filters with ClearPro Technology®, remove particles up to five times smaller than traditional sand filters well below what your eye can detect for water that truly sparkles with clarity. The ClearPro secret is a proprietary, porous tube that water must pass through before re-entering the pool. It creates a final barrier to the very smallest particles that sand cannot trap, including the finest dust particles, algae and pollens.

  • Six-position, top-mounted multiport valve 
  • Combination water and sand drain makes servicing and winterizing fast and easy 
Clean & Clear Plus Filter
Crystal clear water the easy way
Clean & Clear® Plus Filters have a corrosion resistant injection molded filter tank featuring superior strength and reliability. The cartridge assembly uses four easy to clean, non-woven, polyester cartridges. Each filter is supplied with a bulkhead union set for easy installation.

An Eco Select™ Choice: Water flows very efficiently through Clean & Clear® Plus Filters filters allowing the use of smaller pumps or lower pump speeds to minimize energy use. And when consumers rinse cartridges rather than backwash, they can significantly reduce water use, too.

  • NSF listed 
  • Superior strength 
  • Large filter area for increased dirt capacity 
  • 1-1/2 in., 100% drain clean-out port 
  • Continuous High Flow™ internal air relief* 
  • Base and plumbing kits now available 
  • Injection molded tank 
  • Balanced hydraulic flow 
  • Tension Control™ clamp 
  • 100% factory tested 
  • Black bulkhead unions 
  • High Flow manual air relief valve