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Pacific Steps are a safe, slip-resistant way in and out of your family's pool. Available in many shapes, sizes and colors, our steps are built to last a lifetime and feature our "Totally Encapsulated System" (TES).

The patented TES offers full-width support overlined by one-piece molded thermoplastic design:

  • Won't crack, rip, delaminate, degrade, splinter, corrode, puncture or become spongy 
  • Slip-resistant tread surface 
  • Each step molded from a solid sheet of co-extruded Luran-S material with ABS substrate 
  • Molded supports, not bolted or glued to the treads 
  • Plenty of support molded under each tread area 
  • Pac-X braces attach to grid support structure 
  • Concrete bond beam holds everything in place. 
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6ft Straight
8ft Straight
Sit N' Step
10ft Roman
Inside Corner Step
Wall Ladder
White Sun Ledge
White Swim N' Louge